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I’m guilty — how about you? I don’t blog enough…

According to Hubspot, “Creating, optimizing, and promoting content are keys […]

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Be efficiently social…

canstock0172133What?  That title might not ring any bells, however, when you hear someone say, do this, do that, do this other thing, then go do this one other thing for your biz, does your head start to spin?

Avoid channeling  Linda Blair (ok now that’s a throw back!) and have someone set your blog up to post automatically to Twitter and Facebook, so that you can blog, tweet and post in one swoop.  You can even get really creative if you have a YouTube video channel.  Your Facebook account or your website can be setup to pull in an RSS feed from YouTube to blast out to your followers on these networks what you are doing over in YouTube-land.

This YouTube video was very informational about how you can create custom RSS feeds from YouTube.

If you decide you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a little bit of automation and creative collaboration, give me a call.  In about 30 minutes, I can get your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and your blog synchronized and all playing nicely together and you can rest knowing you have a few less things to do.  You’ll be glad you did!!!

Pay it forward blogging, it’s not just about you…

I’ve heard some say,

“I don’t want to blog, blogs seem to be so eg0-centric and self-centered.  I’m not sure I’m comfortable touting myself or my biz like that.”

Well, that statement is true in part.  Some blogs are just that, an egocentric rant about stuff that some would say is non-informational.  However, blogs and blogging are just tools and mechanisms that you can use just like you use a phone or an email, except there is potential for a wider audience.

Ever thought about using the blog platform to pay it forward and talk about the business you do business with or the people you know running those businesses?  How about giving some well-deserved kudos to partners, colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.?  ‘Tis the season and what’s it really going to do for you to acknowledge how well someone else performs a services, offers a deal, does business, etc?  It’s going to make you look good too.  You’ll be demonstrating the gift of gratitude and acknowledgment.

What is RSS? Something to read…so…read on…

In my inaugural post, I mentioned that you could subscribe to my RSS feed.  Some folks may still not know what that is.  So, for those of you who do not yet know, let me try to explain.  This website has a great explanation:

As mentioned on that site, RSS or Really Simple Syndication, is just a way for you to tell a website, a blog or facebook or twitter…to notify you automatically when there is new content.  That new content will be syndicated or delivered to you in the format you desire or the format that is offered.

On my blog, you can subscribe to get the latest posts delivered to your email on a daily basis.  I’ve implemented the Google Feedburner service — which is free.  WordPress which is the software that this blog is made from, offers an out-0f-the-box RSS feed for both latest posts and latest comments.  However, it’s just the feed itself, not the delivery mechanism.  Personally, I like the what Google Feedburner offers, because it couples the feed contents (my latest posts) with a mechanism that manages you and others “subscribing” to it.  I don’t have to do anything once it is set up, except to blog.  Plus, I already use a number of Google’s fantastic services like Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Places, Docs, Gmail, etc.  It’s just one more feature to the one-stop-shop with which Google helps me manage my web presence, website and many of my customers’ web sites and presences.

So, once you sign up, you don’t really need to come to my site, my site, my latest posts will come to you, in your email inbox.  Voila! I’m stalking you now. Ha ha.

Except you can unsubscribe and turn it off whenever you like.  Hopefully you will not do that, however and you’ll become a junkie for my next post.  Ok, well, I’ll keep dreaming–it could happen.

Well, yes, I should have been blogging sooner…

Recently at a business networking meeting someone asked me if I blogged and my answer was “not yet”.  “NOT YET!?!” was the reply.  It’s true, I tell my customers, “You need to blog about what you do.  You need to let others know, demonstrate to others what you know.  Establish yourself as an expert in your field.”  So, here it goes, wait…let me wash the egg off my face first!

Anyhow, the intent of this blog is to disseminate information that could be useful to you as you continue along the path of establishing, growing and operating your business and making the most of what the internet can do for your business or organization.

So, tune in, subscribe to the RSS feed and with some work and good timing, I hope to share something with you that will help you increase leads, increase traffic and ultimately increase sales and improve your bottom line.  Don’t know what an RSS feed is?  Stay tuned…