I’ve heard some say,

“I don’t want to blog, blogs seem to be so eg0-centric and self-centered.  I’m not sure I’m comfortable touting myself or my biz like that.”

Well, that statement is true in part.  Some blogs are just that, an egocentric rant about stuff that some would say is non-informational.  However, blogs and blogging are just tools and mechanisms that you can use just like you use a phone or an email, except there is potential for a wider audience.

Ever thought about using the blog platform to pay it forward and talk about the business you do business with or the people you know running those businesses?  How about giving some well-deserved kudos to partners, colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.?  ‘Tis the season and what’s it really going to do for you to acknowledge how well someone else performs a services, offers a deal, does business, etc?  It’s going to make you look good too.  You’ll be demonstrating the gift of gratitude and acknowledgment.