Meet Debra Elliott, a seasoned website developer with a remarkable journey spanning over 15 years in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Beyond her coding prowess, Debra is a passionate small business owner, driving success through innovative online solutions.

Debra holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University. Her engineering background brings a unique analytical perspective to web development, ensuring a blend of technical precision and creative ingenuity in every project.

Based in the beautiful Black Hills of western South Dakota, Debra has not only mastered the art of web development but has also cultivated a thriving small business, catering to diverse client needs with tailor-made website solutions. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in a rich portfolio that showcases the seamless integration of design and functionality.

Beyond the digital realm, Debra is a multifaceted individual with a penchant for diverse interests. An avid golfer and a competitive volleyball player, she stays active and engaged outside the realm of coding.

However, it’s under the vast night sky that Debra truly reveals another facet of her personality. An enthusiastic amateur astrophotographer, she captures the beauty of the cosmos through her lens, turning the heavens into breathtaking visual stories. This hobby not only highlights her appreciation for the wonders of the universe but also showcases her meticulous attention to detail – a trait seamlessly translates into her web development endeavors.

In every aspect of life, Debra embodies a dedication to precision, creativity, and a genuine passion for the pursuits that bring joy and fulfillment. Whether crafting code or capturing the cosmos, she stands as a testament to the harmonious balance between the analytical and the artistic.