canstock0172133What?  That title might not ring any bells, however, when you hear someone say, do this, do that, do this other thing, then go do this one other thing for your biz, does your head start to spin?

Avoid channeling  Linda Blair (ok now that’s a throw back!) and have someone set your blog up to post automatically to Twitter and Facebook, so that you can blog, tweet and post in one swoop.  You can even get really creative if you have a YouTube video channel.  Your Facebook account or your website can be setup to pull in an RSS feed from YouTube to blast out to your followers on these networks what you are doing over in YouTube-land.

This YouTube video was very informational about how you can create custom RSS feeds from YouTube.

If you decide you’d like to enjoy the benefits of a little bit of automation and creative collaboration, give me a call.  In about 30 minutes, I can get your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and your blog synchronized and all playing nicely together and you can rest knowing you have a few less things to do.  You’ll be glad you did!!!