In my inaugural post, I mentioned that you could subscribe to my RSS feed.  Some folks may still not know what that is.  So, for those of you who do not yet know, let me try to explain.  This website has a great explanation:

As mentioned on that site, RSS or Really Simple Syndication, is just a way for you to tell a website, a blog or facebook or twitter…to notify you automatically when there is new content.  That new content will be syndicated or delivered to you in the format you desire or the format that is offered.

On my blog, you can subscribe to get the latest posts delivered to your email on a daily basis.  I’ve implemented the Google Feedburner service — which is free.  WordPress which is the software that this blog is made from, offers an out-0f-the-box RSS feed for both latest posts and latest comments.  However, it’s just the feed itself, not the delivery mechanism.  Personally, I like the what Google Feedburner offers, because it couples the feed contents (my latest posts) with a mechanism that manages you and others “subscribing” to it.  I don’t have to do anything once it is set up, except to blog.  Plus, I already use a number of Google’s fantastic services like Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Places, Docs, Gmail, etc.  It’s just one more feature to the one-stop-shop with which Google helps me manage my web presence, website and many of my customers’ web sites and presences.

So, once you sign up, you don’t really need to come to my site, my site, my latest posts will come to you, in your email inbox.  Voila! I’m stalking you now. Ha ha.

Except you can unsubscribe and turn it off whenever you like.  Hopefully you will not do that, however and you’ll become a junkie for my next post.  Ok, well, I’ll keep dreaming–it could happen.