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Click here to get a quote on a new website design package from Life Light Creative, LLC

New website packages start at just $499.  Call or email today to get started with your new website.


Has your website's look grown old and tired?  Spruce it up visually and functionally with a re-design.


Drive traffic to your website and find new customers.  Integrate your online presence with social media.


Reconnect with existing customers, generate referrals and leads with an integrated newsletter.


Affordable website hosting and email hosting solutions starting at just $6.95 a month.


Domain registrations, ID protection, security certificates and more at reasonable prices.


Is your website mobile-enabled?  Make it easy for mobile customers to view your site.


Learn to edit your own website, blog, post on social media, send e-newsletters - we'll teach you how.

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Costs Involved with a Website

If you are unfamiliar with what it takes to get a website up and running for your company or organization, here's what you need to know:

There are generally 3 different costs associated with getting a new website online.   Read More