7 Steps to Writing Winning Blog Posts

In addition to writing on your own blog, why not share the wealth?  Another way to promote your business and services is to guest blog post – write a blog post on someone else’s blog.

Here’s a summary of the advice for writing a winning blog post from Scott Gerber with

#1 – Headline! Headline! Headline!

A catchy headline will get you noticed and promoted.  Phrase the title of your post in a way such that the reader can’t help but click to read more about it.

#2 – Fit your Goals to your Placement

What’s the goal of the someone reading the blog?  Target where you guest blog to fit what you want to happen after the reader reads the post.

#3 – Lead Generation or Monetization

Get the people back to your website with a custom landing page to thank them for reading your blog and advertising your services, etc.

#4 – Be the Subject Matter Expert

If you provide a service, demonstrate you are the expert by providing expert advice.

#5 – Control Google Results

Make sure you are using analytics effectively to track the traffic back to your site.  Check out

#6 – Syndicate your Voice

Advertise and encourage others to post your RSS feed on their site.  Write for publications that will help you spread the word about your business.

#7 – Create Value for the Reader

Write something that creates value for the reader and the blog owner.

To watch the full video, click the link below:

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