Well, yes, I should have been blogging sooner…

Recently at a business networking meeting someone asked me if I blogged and my answer was “not yet”.  “NOT YET!?!” was the reply.  It’s true, I tell my customers, “You need to blog about what you do.  You need to let others know, demonstrate to others what you know.  Establish yourself as an expert in your field.”  So, here it goes, wait…let me wash the egg off my face first!

Anyhow, the intent of this blog is to disseminate information that could be useful to you as you continue along the path of establishing, growing and operating your business and making the most of what the internet can do for your business or organization.

So, tune in, subscribe to the RSS feed and with some work and good timing, I hope to share something with you that will help you increase leads, increase traffic and ultimately increase sales and improve your bottom line.  Don’t know what an RSS feed is?  Stay tuned…

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